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Biography of Julia Peters

After graduating from high school, Julia worked at the Greenville County Art Museum, which was located at the time in the Gassaway mansion on Greenville's DuPont Drive.   Working with the museum fueled an interest in the visual arts and caused her to realize that she could draw whatever she could see.   She soon went to work with artist Suzanne Greene who had opened a craft shop in Greer, SC.   Julia quickly learned and experienced the joy of mixing paint, blending colors, applying them to a surface and producing recognizable images.

She soon began to share these talents by teaching others through classes at the craft shop.  

Later, Julia moved from the craft business to serious visual art when she was presented with an offer to teach painting classes at Tempo Art Gallery in downtown Greenville , SC.

She remained with Tempo for twenty three years and between teaching classes, she had become proficient at framing the paintings that she was producing as well as those of her students and customers.

Over the years, Julia has worked or studied with Jeanne Dobie, Beverly Grantham, Alex Powers, Frank Webb, Skip Lawrence, Stephen Quiller and Dale Latinen during her career.   She has worked with all painting media bringing wonderful interpretations to subject matter such as a favorite landscape, historical place or someone's home, children or pet.   She was selected in 1996 to design and produce the theme poster for the Greenville River Place Festival, from which a limited number of signed prints were reproduced.

Julia works mostly in watercolors or oils and her work has been commissioned by both residential and corporate clients.   She has participated in Art In The Park for many years as an artist and volunteer.   Her work has placed in many juried shows.

Today, Julia has her own studio where she teaches her craft to others as well as providing framing services and display space for other local artists. She usually conducts at least one trip every other year for students to paint and experience the atmosphere of such places as California, England, Italy, Ireland, etc.   You can visit her at 10 CENTRAL AVENUE STUDIOS, 10 Central Ave., Greenville, South Carolina to find out more.








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